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vuepress-plugin-md-enhance check your Markdown links in dev mode by default.

You can customize this feature through checkLinks in plugin options. checkLinks receives an object.

  • You can customize link check status with checkLinks.status where you can choose from 'always', 'never', 'dev' and 'build'.
  • To ignore some links, you can set checkLinks.ignore with an array of string and RegExp, or a function that receives link and isDev as parameters and returns a boolean value indicating whether to ignore the link.


export default {
  plugins: [
      checkLinks: {
        // only check links in dev mode
        status: "dev",
        ignore: [
          // ignore links starting with `/api/`
          // ignore `/playground.html`


If your docs both serve on documentation site and directly on GitHub, we provide a gfm option to align your Markdown behavior with GitHub.


For full GFM syntax, see GFMopen in new window.

We are not 100% supporting it to be honestly, we only supply its syntax including linkify, breaks, footnote, task list, code highlight, image mark, mermaid, mathjax and so on.

Some of the behavior might be different, for example to support Vue syntax, we are not disallowing <script> tags. But in most situation, the behavior should be same.

Besides, custom container is enabled by default in @vuepress/theme-default and vuepress-theme-hope, but not available in GitHub Markdown preview.


Since VuePress2 has removed V1's v-pre container in core, the plugin provides vPre option to support it. That is, you can use any Mustache syntax in the container below.

{{ abc }}

::: v-pre

{{ abc }}