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Let the Markdown file in your VuePress site support presentation.


// .vuepress/config.ts
import { mdEnhancePlugin } from "vuepress-plugin-md-enhance";

export default {
  plugins: [
      // Enable presentation
      presentation: true,


You can also pass an object for configuration.

presentation.plugins receives an array of strings, allowing you to freely config whether to enable some preset plugins.


Acceptable plugins are:

  • "highlight"
  • "math"
  • "search"
  • "notes"
  • "zoom"

You can also use presentation.revealConfig set configuration options passed to Reveal.js globally.

Reveal.js also provides more pluginsopen in new window. If you need a specific plugin, please submit a Feature Requestopen in new window on GitHub.


  • Use --- to split slides
  • Use -- to split the slides second time (vertical display)
@slidestart [theme]

<!-- slide1 -->


<!-- slide2 -->


<!-- slide3 -->


Theme available(replace [theme] with them):

  • auto (Default)
  • black
  • white
  • league
  • beige
  • sky
  • night
  • serif
  • simple
  • solarized
  • blood
  • moon

For details, see Themes demo.


Please see Presentation Demo


You can set reveal to pass options to reveal.js per page in frontmatter, you can also set presentation in plugin options to set reveal.js globally.

For more options, see reveal.js configopen in new window. For more usage, see reveal.js documentationopen in new window